What are the Important case laws on fundamental rights? What is the citation?

Important case laws on Fundamental Rights and citation of Supreme Court Judgment/ order are:




Case Law




Right to go abroad


Satwant Singh Sawhney v. D. Ramaratnam, A.P.O, New Delhi


(1967) 3 SCR 525

AIR 1967 SC 1836


Right to Privacy


Govind v. State of Madhya Pradesh


(1975) 2 SCC 148

AIR 1975 SC 1378


Right against solitary confinement


Sunil Batra v. Delhi Administration


(1978) 4 SCC 494

AIR 1978 SC 1675


Right against bar fetters


Charles Sobhraj v. Superintendent, Central Jail


(1978) 4 SCC 104

AIR 1978 SC 1514


Right to legal aid


M.H. Hoskot v. State of Maharashtra


(1978) 3 SCC 544

AIR 1978 SC 1548


Right to speedy Trial


Hussinmara Khatoon v. Home Secretary, State of Bihar


(1980) 1 SCC 81

AIR 1979 SC 1360


Right against handcuffing


Prem Shankar Shukla v. Delhi Administration


(1980) 3 SCC 526

AIR 1980 SC 1535


Right against delayed execution


T.V. Vatheeswaram v. State of Tamil Nadu


(1983) 2 SCC 68

AIR 1983 SC 361


Right against custodial violence


Sheela Barse v. State of Maharashtra


(1983) 2 SCC 96

AIR 1983 SC 378


Right against public hanging


A. G. of India v. Lachma Devi


(1989) Supp (1) SCC 264


Right against Doctor's assistance


Paramanand Katra v. Union of India


(1989) 4 SCC 286


Right to shelter


Shantistar Builders v. N. K. Totame


(1990) 1 SCC 520

AIR 1990 SC 630


Right to information


People's Union for Civil Liberties v. Union of India

Dattaprasad Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Bangalore v. Karnataka State Chief Information Commissioner


AIR 2004 SC 1442, (2004) 2 SCC 476

AIR 2009 Karn 1



In addition to the abovementioned case laws there are many other case laws are available. It can be searched through SCC or other legal portals providing case laws and citations.


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What are the Important case laws on fundamental rights? What is the citation?

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