Odisha Police Register FIR online. File Complaint to Odisha Police

File Complaint with Odisha Police by using the online facility available with Odisha Police Department. Steps to Register FIR with the website of Odisha Police is as under:


Steps to Register FIR online in Odisha

Step 1 : Visit the Website of Odisha Police by using the following link:



The following Menu will Open


Step 2: Click on Online Services


The following Menu will open



Step 3: Click on Complaint button


The following Menu will open


Step 4: Click on Register



The following menu will open




Step 5: Fill the information asked in the menu

Name: Fill your name

Mobile No: Fill your mobile number

Email ID: Fill your e-mail ID

Gender: Select Gender Male or Female

Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth

Login ID: Type your login ID

Password: Type your password


Step 6: Click on Submit Button

Now Registration is over


Step 7: Click on Complaint button


The following menu will appear




Step 8: Enter Login Name, Password and verification Code


Step 9: Click on Login Button

Now you are logon to the website of Odisha Police. You can register FIR online by following the instructions in the website.

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