What are the important (more frequently used) Articles and Schedules of Constitution of India?

Articles and Schedules are:


Articles/  Schedules




Article 1


Name and Territory of Union of India


Article 2


New States


Article 5




Article 14


Equality before law


Article 15


Prohibition of Discrimination


Article 17


Abolition of untouchability


Article 19


Freedom of speech


Article 21


Protection of life and personal liberty


Article 21A


Right to Education


Article 32


Right to move Supreme Court for enforcement of fundamental rights


Article 39


Directive Principles of State Policy


Article 39A


Equal Justice and Free legal aid


Article 41


Right to Work


Article 44


Uniform Civil Code


Article 45


Provision for free and compulsory education


Article 48A


Protection of Environment


Article 51A


Fundamental Duties


Article 75(1A)


Number of Ministers of Union


Article 123


Ordinance by President


Article 124


Supreme Court


Article 141


Law declared by Supreme Court to be binding by all courts


Article 164 (1A)


Number of Ministers in a State


Article 215


High Court is the court of record


Article 300A


Right to Property


Article 341 and 342


Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes


Article 352


Emergency Provisions


Article 370


Special provision for State of J & K


Schedule 1


Names of States and Union Territories


Schedule 7


Union List, State List and Concurrent List


Schedule 8




Schedule 10


Disqualification on the ground of defection



Note:- Other Articles and Schedules of the Constitution of India and equally important. The word "Important" included in the above list is just to show that these articles and schedules are more frequently in use.


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What are the important (more frequently used) Articles and Schedules of Constitution of India?

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