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How to Register Child Birth with Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner

Child birth information can be registered online with the website of Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India for Andaman and Nicobar Islands,Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Laksdweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. The application can be filed online with supporting documents. There are few simple steps involved to Register birth of a child online. Steps and Procedure to register child birth with Census Commissioner is explained here.



Steps to Register Child Birth with Census Commissioner

Step 1: Visit the Website of Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India

Home Page with the following menu will appear


Step 2: If you are a new user Click on General Public Signup

The following Menu will open


Step 3: Fill Required information

User Name: Enter a New User Name

Mobile No: Enter your mobile Number

User Email ID: Enter your Email ID

Date of Occurrence of Event: Enter Date of Birth of Child


Place of Occurrence of Birth

State : Select State from the List

District : Select District from the List

Sub-District / Taluk : Select sub-district or Taluk from the List

Village / Town : Select Village or Town from the List

Registration Unit: Select Registration Unit

Enter Captcha : Enter the Security Code showing on the Screen


Step 4: Click on Register

The following Screen will appear

Now you will received your user ID and Activation link in your Email ID.


Step 5: Open your email ID and Click on Activation Link

Step 6: Type user ID received on the Email. Enter a New Password, Confirm your Password, Type Security Code and Click on Submit

Now your Registration with the Website is Complete.


Step 7: Go to Login Menu of the Website of Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India

Step 8: Enter User ID, Password and Security Code showing on the Screen

Step 9: Click on Login

Now you have logged on to the Website.


Step 10: Click on Birth Certificate and Apply Birth Registration


Step 11: Fill the Birth Registration form

Select Primary Language: Select Primary Language from the list

Select Secondary Language: Select Secondary Language to get instruction in two languages

Reporting Date: Fill Reporting Date


Intimation of the Child

Date of Birth: Fill Date of Birth

Sex: Select Sex from the list male, female etc

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name : Fill Name if the child is named


Place of Birth

Place of Birth : Select House or other

Address: Fill Complete Address


Father Information

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name : Fill full name of father

Aadhaar Card No: Fill Aadhaar number of father

Email ID: Fill email ID

Mobile No: Enter Mobile Number of father


Mother Information

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name : Fill full name of Mother

Aadhaar Card No: Fill Aadhaar number of Mother

Email ID: Fill email ID

Mobile No: Enter Mobile Number of Mother


Address of Parents at the time of Birth of Child

In India Outside India : Select in India or outside India

Fill Permanent address in Full. If both address are same click on same


Informants Information

If father is filling information click on informant address is same as permanent address. Else fill address


Step 12: Click on Save


Town or Village of Residence of the mother

Select State, District, Sub District, town/ village


Father and Mothers Information

Religion : Select Religion from the list

Father's Level of Education : Select Highest education level of father from the list

Father's Occupation: Select Father's occupation from the list

Mother's Level of Education : Select Highest level of Education of mother from the list

Mother's Occupation : Enter Mother's occupations


Other Information

Age of Mother at the time of First marriage : Fill age at the time of first marriage

Age of mother at the time of this birth : Fill age of mother at the time of birth

Number of Children : Fill number of children

Type of attention at Delivery : Select Doctor, Nurse or trained etc

Delivery Method: Enter Delivery Method Normal or not

Birth Weight : Enter weight of child at the time of birth


Upload Reporting Form

Fill and Scan Reporting form in PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG. Choose file and upload it.



If you want to mention any remark type it


Step 13: Click on Save

Now the filled form will be displayed on the Screen. Check the form. If there is any mistake, click on Edit and correct it.


Step 14: Click on Submit

Now your application is submitted with the Registration Department. A download option will appear on the screen. You can download the form and save on your Computer. Note down the reference Number for future reference. You can log on to the website and check status of application by using the reference number.


Step 15: Take printout of the form and submit it with the Registrar whose address is given at the bottom of the form. Attach supporting Documents and declaration form given below with the form. If the form is filed within 21 days there is not fee to submit the form.

After successful submission of the application, users will get a confirmation mail on the provided e-mail id.

- The users will be informed about the status of the application through e-mail immediately after receipt of the application by the concerned registrar.

- The details of registered event will be informed through e-mail or it can be checked anytime from home page of the portal by quoting the Application Reference Number.

Get the print out of the application and forward to the concerned Registrar BY HAND at the given address (address will appear on the bottom of the print out of application) along with the requisite documents. The details of the documents required are given in below. The application should be attached with Birth Declaration form by Parents. you can download the Declaration from from the below link.


Download for in PDF for Declaration by Parents for Birth Registration and Obtain Birth Certificate


Documents required and other Information for Birth Registration


Documents needs to be uploaded in case of birth which takes place at their residence

- Declaration by parent(s) in prescribed proforma

-  Address Proof- copy of any one of the self attested document (Voter id card, electricity/gas/water/ telephone bill, passport, valid ration
card, aadhaar card, running bank account etc.)

Documents needs to be uploaded in case of birth taken place at hospital
The institutional (hospital) events cannot be reported by the family members/CSC, it is duty of the in-charge of the institution to report such events to concerned registrar.

time limit to register new born cases online
The events must be reported within 21 days of its occurrence. If the event has crossed the limit of 21 days, parents must approach the office of the concerned Registrar (B&D) for registration of births.


Documents needs to be uploaded in delayed cases

The facilities of reporting of delayed events are presently not available.

Delayed cases can be registered only at registration unit because for registering delayed events. The documents required for delayed events are:


Delayed Days Range [>21 days and up to 30 days]
- Delayed Fee

- Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form1)


Delayed Days Range ( >30 days and < 1 year)

- Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form1).

- Non Availability Certificate (Form 10)

- Delayed Fees

- Affidavit/Declaration by informant

- Permission from the competent authority

Delayed by more than 1 year

- Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form 1)

- Non Availability Certificate (Form 10)

- Delayed Fees

- Affidavit/Declaration by informant

- Order from first class magistrate


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