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National Education Policy 2020. Download NEP 2020 in PDF Format.

Highlights of National Education Policy 2020 and Downloadable document in PDF Format.

Union Cabinet on 29.07.2020, Wednesday, approved the National Education Policy 2020 with intention of reforms in School and Higher Education Sector in India.  Aim of NEP 2020 is making "India a global knowledge superpower".  The draft policy was published in December 2018 by a panel headed by former ISRO chief K. Kasturirangan. The NEP introduced in 2020 has changed the existing method of school and university education by including a target of 50 per cent gross enrollment ratio and providing multiple entry and exits in the courses. For achieving the target some proposed ways are, infrastructure support, Innovative education centers to bring back dropouts into the mainstream, Tracking of students and their learning levels, Facilitating multiple pathways to learning involving both formal and non-formal education modes, Adult literacy and life-enrichment programs etc.



Highlights of National Education Policy 2020

1. 10+2 board structure is dropped

Existing 10+2 Board Structure is dropped in National Education Policy 2020


2. New school structure will be 5+3+3+4

New School Structure of 5+3+3+4 will be introduced through NEP 2020 with the following structure.

Preschool - Up to Class 5

Mid School - Class 6 to 8

High School - Class 8 to 11

Graduation - Class 12 onwards


4. Degree courses will be 4 years

Graduation Degree Courses will be for 4 years after 11th.


5. Vocational Courses are available from 6th standard onwards

Students can choose vocational courses from 6th Standard onwards


6. Students can choose subjects from Class 8th to Class 11

Students can choose their interested subject from Class 8th onwards till class 11.


7. All graduation course will have major and minor

All Graduation Courses will have major Subject and minor subject like some current management courses.

Example - Science student can have Physics as Major and Music as minor also. Any combination he can choose


8. All higher education will be governed by only one authority.

Authority to control Higher Education will be centralized under One authority


9. UGC and AICTE will be merged

Two major authorities i.e. University Grant Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) will be merged.


10. Introduction of Uniform Grading and other Rules

All Universities, government, private, Open, Deemed, Vocational etc, will have the same grading and other rules.


11. New Teacher Training Board

New Teacher Training board will be setup for all kinds of teachers in country without any authority for states to change it.


12. Same Level of Accreditation

Same level of Accreditation to any collage, based on its rating collage will get autonomous rights and funds.




13. New Basic Learning Program

New Basic learning program will be created by government for parents to teach children up to 3 years in home and for pre school from 3 to 6


14. Multiple entry and exit from any course

Students studying for Higher Education can exit while doing the course and can rejoin to complete the Course multiple times.


15. Credit System for Graduation

Credit system for graduation for each year student will get some credits which he/she can utilize if he/she takes break in course and come back again to complete course.


16. Semester wise School Examinations

All schools examinations will be semester wise twice in a year


17. Reduction of Syllabus to core knowledge

The syllabus of courses will be reduced to core knowledge only of any subject


18. Focus on Practical application and Knowledge

More focus will be on student's practical training and application of knowledge


19. Certificate on the basis of Completion of Course.

Students who are doing graduation course will get certificate on the basis of course completion and no student will loose academic year:

i. Basic Certificate after completing one year

ii. Diploma Certificate after completing 2 years

iii. Degree Certificate after Completing Full Course.


20. Single Authority for all graduation Course with Capping on Course

All the graduation course feed of all Universities will be govern by single authority with capping on each course.


Download National education Policy 2020 in PDF Format


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